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Kunle was founded in 2010 by a local grass-roots group of peers. Kunle is an African name meaning "Our home is filled with honor." Our organization focuses on addressing the mental health needs of people in our community. Our goals include reducing the rising suicide rate, raising awareness about mental health, and increasing the overall wellness of people in our community.


We propose to offer an education center for meeting and running alternative groups in, a peer respite house, and a community garden.


Kunle's services reflect principles of respect, shared responsibility, and mutual empowerment. We value uniqueness and encourage those seeking services to tell their stories, define their realities, and to define for themselves who and what they are. We use a whole-person model, taking interconnected conditions in different areas of peoples’ lives into consideration. 



Innovative, holistic, educational and wellness-oriented groups will be held in our meeting rooms. Some of the groups that will be offered include: music, art, writing, cooking, 12 step services, cultural education, mindfulness meditation and WRAP groups, among many others. We periodicaly offer a SASS group, which is for individuals who have attempted suicide and survived, and a Color Daze group, which is a coloring group for adults.


For people experiencing a crisis, we propose to have a peer respite house. This house will be a 24/7, 4-bed, live-in facility. We will approach each person's crisis in holistic, natural ways through various creative expressions. We will support the individual's choices as long as they are not destructive.


We hope to have a community garden, which will eventually work into employment for people in our community. We also propose to have community meals for staff and participants.


We will be open to all people in the community, regardless of financial need or class. No individual, because of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnicity etc. will be denied services. There will be no drugs (unless the appropriate prescription) or alcohol allowed on the premises.


As peers working to promote recovery and wellness we hold the following values:

Peer support is voluntary and person centered. It is a mutual, collaborative, and reciprocal partnership in which participants have equally shared power. Individuals have the right to define their own experience as well as define recovery and wellness. Peer supporters facilitate changes that lead to recovery from mental health issues and addictions. Trauma can be transformed to healing, connection and resilience. Wellness and wholeness involves all aspects of life relevant to the person seeking it.

Peer supporters are respectful and empathetic. Peer supporters are honest and direct and provide transparent services. Peer supporters are hopeful and open minded. Peer supporters recognize the essential value of individuals and their uniqueness.

Peer support is strengths focused, trauma informed and utilizes a whole person approach. Peers should lead in a transformation of the mental health system and challenge social discrimination as well as systems of oppression which result in pain, isolation and trauma. People’s human and civil rights should not be threatened due to stigma, bias, or discrimination.


Board Members

Galeladi Runningbrook
Vice President


As a person who is duel-diagnosed and living in a County where services are scarce; Kulnle Community helps those in need. People like me who deal with homelessness, mental health issues and/or addiction. My heart has become dedicated to helping those like myself not fall through the cracks.

Martha Hart


I received my bachelors degree at U.C. Davis and eventually moved to Humboldt County 19 years ago. A place I had always dreamed about. I have lived experience with mental health issues and took an interest in depression that leads to suicide in high school after losing a close friend. I am happy to be a part of the Kunle Community the holistic approach to mental health care; a needed change in our community. I believe that sometimes a listening ear helps individuals value their own uniqueness. 

Linda O'Hara


Linda O'Hara-Scott has been interested in crisis intervention since the late 60's when she was a supervisor at a drug-crisis center in Oakland called "In Touch."  She believes every individual has a unique story to tell and that, when listened to with respect and compassion, it can lead to life changing experiences.  She is zealous about the elimination of all nuclear weapons on this tiny planet, and is working for a more peaceful and just world.  She has a degree in English and a Master's in Social Work, with experience in Mental Health Counseling.

Open Weekends

The warm line is open Fri.- Sun. 6pm-9pm PST

Call (707) 599-2381  

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